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Swiss poet Henri-Frederic Amiel said, “Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” 


At Walker Methodist, gratitude is shown in the work we do with the people we love: our Residents. There is no greater thankfulness that comes from the impact we’re able to make with seniors across all our communities. We are, indeed, very grateful and we’ll share exactly why we feel that way below.


What Our Team Members Say about The Seniors in Their Lives

“I have always appreciated how the elderly population gives me a new and wider world view. They push me to see beyond my current age and experiences to grow. I have been pushed to grow not only by my own grandparents by also by our own residents!” – Candace

“I am most thankful to my grandmothers for teaching me work ethic. After losing their husbands relatively early in life, they showed me that I can do anything and be anything if I set my mind to it. Working with older adults for my entire adult life has shown me the importance of paying attention to history through stories. We don’t always stop to hear the story in today’s fast-paced world, but when we do we can learn a little about the human spirit and what it means to live life.” – Anneliese 

“What I absolutely love about this group is learning about their experiences, their occupations, and hearing them talk about their life when they were my age. Being two generations behind them, it fascinates me to hear them talk about what their life was like growing up. The changes that many of them have been a part of in life are simply amazing. Finally, I love to hear them talk about their family, so many of them discuss their spouse who is no longer with them and you can just sense the love between the two and the love they shared for their children. So I guess if I could say thank you, it would be thank you for sharing your memories and experiences. The knowledge and experiences they have to share can teach the generations after them so many things.” – Aaron

“I would like to thank my Grandma Morin, my mom’s mother, for the shining example she set for our entire family. She taught us about hard work, loyalty, dedication, diligence, and family. Gatherings were always at her house, and she insisted upon doing all the cooking even into her late 80’s. We knew we could count on her; she was a safe port in any storm. She shared her wonderful memories with us, loved us unconditionally, and she was a rock for all of us. I remember when I asked her what it was like moving to the barren homestead in Waskish, MN in the 1920’s without water, living in a shack and trying to raise two children, she said, ‘When you love your man, you’ll follow him anywhere.’ That’s always stayed with me. I’m grateful to her for all the little life lessons she taught me.” – Mary 

Giving Thanks at Walker Methodist

There are several things we’re thankful for during our daily lives at Walker Methodist. We’re grateful for the residents who choose to live life to the fullest at our communities, and the families who support their loved ones through transition. We truly appreciate - to no end - the dedication of our team of staff members who work tirelessly and endlessly to better the residents’ experiences, as they dedicate their days to support our Mission, Vision, and Values.

We’re lucky to have a fleet of volunteers who make our Auxiliary possible and make our communities stronger. We’re thankful for the programs we’ve instilled and can offer to residents, including The Miracle of Music, which increases the quality of life for our memory care residents. We are proud Walker Methodist belongs to such beautiful neighborhoods, cities, and towns in the Twin Cities metro. And, we’re grateful for the Walker Methodist Foundation, which supports us all through various channels, and paves the way for our next 70 years and beyond.


It’s our honor to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving – here’s to another blessed year!

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Elizabeth Meyer

Written by Elizabeth Meyer

I am an accomplished professional with experience in the senior, hospitality, sales, and marketing industries. My success has included individual and multi-property operations, sales, and marketing and includes brand management. My career has included increasing levels of responsibility currently as the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Walker Methodist. In this role my responsibilities include the growth and implementation of Walker's sales and marketing strategies. Support and facilitate development and implementation of Walker's marketing plan, working with Senior Leadership and community Directors. Develop sales and marketing strategies based on the market place and the community and property needs. Plan and administer Marketing's operating budget.

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