How Walker Methodist Eases Your Senior Living Transition Process

Oftentimes when the idea of moving is thought about, all of the negative aspects come rushing to mind. The packing, unpacking, stress, heavy lifting, disorganization, hard work - the headache of all of these can outweigh the positives – the excitement, improved quality of life, new friends – that moving can bring.

Especially when it comes to a senior living transition, moving can open a new chapter in your life; more time with new and cherished friends, maintenance free living, more time to participate in the interesting details of your life. Details that you may have needed to let go of because time was spent mowing the lawn, maintaining the furnace, washing the windows, etc. Moving could also mean selling your home, leaving a neighborhood, and choosing to downsize your possessions. Finding a way to make this transition process as smooth as possible will greatly enhance the experience for you and family and loved ones as well. Know that this doesn’t have to be a strenuous and difficult process. 

Walker Methodist goes the extra mile to make sure each and every resident has a smooth transition while moving into one of their a senior living communities. Our community staff and interior design experts work tirelessly to help new residents feel as comfortable as possible in their new home. With a program designed to arrange your new space to resemble your previous home, feeling uneasy or stressed are no longer factors in the transition process. Listen as Shelly shares her experience…




Whether you’re just beginning to look at options for senior living or senior health care services, or have taken tours of communities – transitioning to life in a senior living residence is a big deal. Our commitment to our values of respect, imagination, and collaboration guide us in our quest to help seniors live each day to its fullest.


To learn more about our transition and moving services, talk to a Walker Methodist housing specialist or learn about smooth transition processes in this free eBook


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Elizabeth Meyer

Written by Elizabeth Meyer

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