What’s Cooking in Walker Methodist’s Culinary Services?

How many meals have our Residents prepared in their lives? I’m sure if we had an actual tally the answer would be surprising! Even the most skilled chefs like to relax and have a meal made for them, and at Walker Methodist we make sure meals are delicious, accessible, convenient, the highest of quality, served in beautiful dining rooms by the best service staff.

One of the many amenities at Walker Methodist is our culinary services. We know the importance of making nutritious and delicious meals available to our Residents and their families. I recently sat down with Denis Durnev, one of our Executive Chefs, to learn what’s cooking at Walker Methodist.

Culinary Services at Walker Methodist Plaza

What's Cooking at Walker Methodist's Culinary Services? Denis has been a member of the Walker Methodist family since 2011. As an Executive Chef, Denis manages the entire culinary department at Walker Methodist Plaza. He brings a true love for his profession to everything he does, including delighting our Residents and staff with delicious meals.

At Walker Methodist Plaza, Residents, Staff, and community members have access to healthy, nutritious meals in T.B. Walker Grill. It is a restaurant - accommodating any and all Walker Methodist Residents, while being open to the public as well.

Resident Favorites

What's Cooking at Walker Methodist's Culinary Services? With separate menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Residents are welcome to make special requests based on their preferences and dietary needs. When I asked Chef Denis what the most popular Resident meals were, he listed two favorites: Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Mushroom Sauce and Liver and Onions with Bacon. Whenever either of those meals are on the menu, Denis knows he’ll see many familiar faces in the dining room.

Putting Residents First at Walker Methodist

In addition to the regular menu items, it’s important for the Walker Methodist culinary staff to have opportunities to flex their creativity – while providing our residents with new, exciting dishes. That’s why Denis regularly adds specials to the menus.

Each and every day, Denis brings over 16 years of culinary experience to his work at Walker Methodist Plaza. When I asked Denis what’s special about working in culinary services at Walker Methodist, he spoke about always remembering that the dining areas are part of each Resident’s home and should be treated as such. He emphasized the importance of providing each individual with the highest quality of customer service and always working to meet and exceed expectations.

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Denis Durnev

Written by Denis Durnev

Denis has been with the Walker Methodist family since October 2011. He holds a degree in Culinary Arts from Hennepin Technical College, and is currently working on a degree in Hospitality Management from Metro State University. With a love for the profession, previous experience as an Executive Chef, and as a Culinary Instructor at Hennepin Technical College, he delights our residents and staff with delicious meals daily! On a day-to-day basis, Denis is in charge of managing the entire operation at the culinary department at Walker Methodist Plaza. He is most passionate about the quality of his product and the happiness of his clients.

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