What is Senior Housing with Services?

As we age, there are several living options and programs available. Understanding what each option is with regard to offerings and availability is an important step to determine which housing option will best suit your needs. Senior housing with services is apartment style living with health-related or supportive service available. But what does that mean?

Housing with Services by Definition

In order to be classified as a licensed establishment, the Minnesota Department of Health has identified that a housing with services community must provide sleeping accommodations to one or more adult residents, at least 80 percent of which are 55 years of age or older, while offering or providing, for a fee, one or more regularly scheduled health-related services or two or more regularly scheduled supportive services, whether offered or provided directly by the establishment or by another entity arranged for by the establishment.

Caption: Housing with Services The above qualifiers must be met for a community to be considered a licensed housing with services location. The good news? This type of living arrangement is not dorm-like in nature. In fact, against the connotation of what typically comes to mind with permanent long-term care living, this style of senior living arrangement can, in fact, be a long-term option. Housing with services provides apartment living with services to age and placement in life.


6 FAQs About Housing with Services

How do you know if housing with services (HWS) is the right option for you or your loved one? I’ve answered some frequently asked questions that may help. Think of it as adult, apartment living with the benefits and perks of life enrichment, amenities, and options to make life fun and easy.

  1. Are Health Services Available?

Nursing availability varies by community. HWS does not require 24/7 nursing care, although this service does typically go hand-in-hand with Assisted Living at Walker Methodist.

  1. What Supportive Services are Available?

Supportive services include, but are not limited to the following at Walker Methodist communities:

  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Meals


  1. What Personal Services are Available?

HWS provides help with things such as grooming, dressing, health monitoring, and medication management. If you or a loved one needs help with a task, be sure to ask if this is something a friendly staff member can accommodate.


  1. What if 24-Hour Care is Needed?

Housing with services does not provide 24-hour care. If you are looking for this option, one of our Assisted Living (AL) communities may be a better fit for this around the clock healthcare need.

Nursing availability will vary by community even if they have an AL program. This is something you would want to ask about when touring. If you are looking for AL, specify that you’re looking for 24-hour care.


  1. What are the Requirements for Housing With Services?

If you’re looking for independent senior living in a home-like, comfortable, accommodating atmosphere, HWS is for you. Enjoying the freedoms of life is as attainable as ever with this living option.


  1. Who Can Benefit from Housing with Services?

HWS is designed for you to live as independently as you like. At Walker Methodist, we encourage participation at the level you or your loved one feels comfortable with. As needs change in life, we can make arrangements for maintaining continuity of care, which is an important aspect of any senior living option.


Housing with Services at Walker Methodist

If you’ve identified that you are a candidate for housing with services, Walker Methodist Hazel Ridge is the perfect fit. We place an emphasis on life enrichment programs, outings, and the ability to get out in the community. While we recognize this is not a requirement, it is a vital piece of engagement with independent living. Our mission supports full access to spiritual care and our mission: Life. And all the living that goes with it. Enhancing the lives of older adults through a culture of care, respect, and service.


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Shelli Bakken

Written by Shelli Bakken

Shelli is the Director of Support Services at Walker Methodist.

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