Weights and world records: Meet 88-year-old powerlifter Ted Lindberg


Havenwood of Minnetonka’s own International Powerlifting League champion

Ted Lindberg settles onto the bench, and his trainer, Chad, unracks the bar. When the three judges say, “Start!” Ted lowers the 220-pound bar to his chest. He waits. “Lift!” As he pushes the bar up, he stays steady and strong to keep his back on the bench and feet on the ground. When the judges give the last command—“Rack!”—he puts the bar back. His lift is complete.

Back on his feet, Ted turns to face the crowd, met by applause. He’s just won the competition for the 85-89 year-old age bracket at the International Powerlifting League in Limerick, Ireland.



Dedication for Decades

Powerlifting isn’t new for this Havenwood of Minnetonka resident. More than 75 years ago, 12-year-old Ted walked by two men lifting in a garage. They didn’t have a bench press, but they invited Ted to try lifting weights. When he did well, they encouraged him to keep lifting. He did.

Ted enjoyed lifting because—even though he wasn’t athletic—he could challenge himself. Throughout decades of work and family life, Ted lifted at gyms. It wasn’t until a few years ago, at age 84, that someone suggested he start competing. Once again, he took the advice.

Powerlifting is an individual competition, but Ted has found a community in other lifters. “Everybody is encouraging, and it’s a great environment,” he explains. “They are without a doubt the most wonderful people in the world.”

Ted’s Goal: Keep Raising the Bar

Encouraged by his (often younger) powerlifting peers, Ted has big goals for the future. Before competing in Ireland, Ted won a championship in Las Vegas.

In 2021, he plans to return to Nevada—this time lifting 250 pounds—to win at 90 years old. And again at 95. And 100. “God has blessed me,” he says. “I fully intend to do it.”

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Amy Weiss

Written by Amy Weiss

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