Walker Methodist Presents: Our New Website

It’s been months in the works, but this month we officially launched our new website. We’re proud that it truly reflects the Walker Methodist Mission, and spreads our message of living the life you want - despite age. We want our Residents, their families and loved ones, our excellent team of employees, and any potential Residents or employees to enjoy their web experience and use it to its fullest potential.

Telling Our Story

Human connections are the heart and soul of our business. We are so fortunate that we’re in the business of humans, period. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing our work affects and impacts life in such incredible ways. A website is more than an online presence; a website is an opportunity to tell your story. We knew we needed a platform that would put our story at the forefront, and help visitors see that Walker Methodist is the best senior living organization in Twin Cities metro area. We truly are the best place to live and work. 


Because of the world we live in, we know how important the impression we make online is to the people who seek senior living options and information. So much focus is on conducting online research prior to making any kind of purchase, senior living included. We wanted to cater to individuals looking for new homes, plus the families and loved ones doing the research on behalf of the older adult in their lives. We wanted our homepage to tell our story, and offer immediate solutions for those looking for options and answers on senior living and care options. One of the new website features that visitors will be able to take advantage of is our Resources section; home to free planning guides, eBooks, and more.

A New Blog Page

A large portion of our storytelling comes in the form of our blogs. Our new blog page lays out all posts in an easy-to-navigate layout. All posts are grouped by topic for an easy way to search for specific topics related to senior living. The five categories our blogs are categorized by include:

  1. Health & Well-Being – General insight about the health and well-being of individuals and older adults. Posts include Seven Brain Exercises to Try and Why and Why it’s Important for Seniors to Maintain a Social Life.
  1. Care Programs – These posts canvas the various levels of care at Walker Methodist, including topics like Senior Housing Waiting Lists 101 and Senior Living: Respect vs. Protecting.
  1. Day-to-Day Life – Topics like How Much Sleep Should an Older Adult Get? and What to Look for in Senior Living Floor Plans are including within this category. 
  1. Senior Living Planning – There’s a lot that goes into choosing your senior community, and we get that. The specifics like Being Aware of HUD Housing for Seniors and The Basics of Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) and more are covered here.
  1. Walker Methodist Communities – here we cover stories like A Walker Methodist Miracle: Meet Tracy and Walker Methodist Employees of the Year.

Respect, Imagination, and Collaboration

Another goal of our new website was to communicate our goals, and share our Mission, Vision, and Values with everyone. A cornerstone of our organization is service. By providing housing, healthcare, and rehabilitation services to seniors and the people who support them, we’re able to reach our goals. We wished for an online presence that clearly communicates who we are, and how we can educate people on senior living, while at the same time providing solutions to their unique needs.

We’re eager to continue to share our communities with visitors who potentially could become Walker Methodist Residents or employees. We’re also anxious to hear how our new site has affected or helped the people it’s intended for. So – visit the brand-new Walker Methodist website. We’re proud of it … and we want your feedback!


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Scott Riddle

Written by Scott Riddle

As CEO and President, Scott leads the development of organizational strategies, as well as oversees the creation and implementation of the organization’s mission, vision and direction.

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