Walker Methodist Health Center Employee of The Year: Anne Singh

Health CenterLife. And all the living that goes with it. This is our mission, and we strive to live by it every day. We believe all our staff members do everything they can on a daily basis to make sure our residents enjoy life, but one of our Health Center employees goes above and beyond the call of duty each and every day.

We recently held our annual Employee and Volunteer of The Year event in October. At this event, we honored Anne Singh from the Health Center. She is an incredible woman, as you will see from the points below.

1. Anne Goes Above and Beyond

Anne goes above and beyond each day she is here at the Health Center. Beyond passing medications and doing nursing assessments, Anne takes time out of her busy day to really get to know the residents. If you need to know something about what is happening on 5Gamble or have a question about a particular resident, Anne can tell you. She listens to each of them, and uses this information to provide individualized resident care. Her calm, gentle manner and quiet grace are displayed even during the most stressful of situations, and this permeates throughout the unit to residents, staff, and family members. Each day Anne is here, she is trying her absolute hardest to give the best service she is able.

2. She Demonstrates Walker's Values   

Anne demonstrates Walker’s values during each shift she works. In my interactions with Anne, she is kind and respectful, and always willing to learn and better herself. She actively seeks out education if she feels that she does not understand something completely. While training new staff members, she collaborates with our RN Education Specialist to obtain additional information to make sure she can give the new employee the best experience possible.

Anne is solution-oriented, and is able to think of creative ways to accomplish a task. For example, Anne realized the special bond she had with a resident who was refusing a bath, and offered to stay additional hours in to the evening in order to work with this resident to make her bath time successful. In another instance, Anne provided loving care for a resident on a different group by taking time to calm her and dress her wounds. She shows respect to her co-workers in her interactions each day, and her attitude and approach make her a leader with the nursing assistants on the unit. She respects her residents by really listening to what they are saying, and making them feel like unique individuals.

3. Anne Gives Her All Every Day

Anne contributes to Walker’s vision of “The best place to live and work” by everything she does each day here. Per her nurse manager, “Anne is always willing to help others on the unit, no matter what the task! She is gentle and caring and gives the residents the time and attention that they deserve. Anne is a team player and always treats everyone with respect. She is an astute nurse who recognizes changes in condition with her residents and addresses it immediately. She’s my right-hand woman and I don’t know what I would do without her”.

By giving her all during every shift, she demonstrates her willingness to continual quality improvement here at the Health Center. By going above and beyond, she influences how new staff members see the Health Center. Her positive attitude demonstrates to family members that she believes Walker is the best place to live and work. Her dedication to her unit and her residents with each interaction continues to be an example for others.

4. Her Name Always Pops Up - In a Good Way

I would also like to add that Anne’s name comes up continually on our Pinnacle Satisfaction Surveys as a staff member who should be recognized for her wonderful job as a nurse here at the Health Center.


Anne is a huge asset to our team at the Health Center. Her positive attitude coupled with her desire to improve the lives of our residents is truly a blessing to our community. Thank you for all that you do, Anne!

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