Three things to know about the entrance fee model

At Walker Methodist Place, we offer not only a unique, vibrant community, but we also offer a unique pricing model. You may have heard of the “entrance fee model,” and you may have seen the costs and experienced some initial sticker shock. But when you learn about and understand the model, you might find the price is just right.

So what is an entrance fee model? And why might it be a good fit for you? Here are three things to know:

  1. The fee is 100% refundable

When you decide to make Walker Methodist Place your home, you pay a one-time entrance fee. This deposit is always 100% refundable. When your apartment is re-rented, the fee is returned in full to you or your family. Getting this deposit back isn’t the only benefit of the entrance fee model, though.

  1. Monthly rent is less

While the entrance fee model means a larger deposit upfront, you actually end up saving big on rent each month. On average, rent with an entrance fee model is 15 to 35 percent less than other senior living options in the south Minneapolis area. That could be $1,500 in savings each month or $18,000 annually.

  1. Care can be added later

This tight-knit community in a great location features gorgeous, spacious apartment homes. Because services can be added later—should you ever need them—you don’t have to move to the suburbs to get excellent care. Our expert team members can provide care right in the comfort of your own home.

Living at Walker Methodist Place is a long-term investment in living your fullest life. This welcoming community features a state-of-the-art fitness center, multiple dining options for delicious meals, housekeeping services, and a variety of activities and programs. Nestled in the charming East Harriet neighborhood of Minneapolis, Walker Place offers the best in senior living in a location you’ll love.

The entrance fee model is just one of many different payment options available at Walker Methodist communities. If you think Walker Place sounds like a good fit for you or a loved one, please call (612) 827-8508 to learn more. Or, take a look at our other communities in the metro area and Wisconsin.

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Lia Hamilton, executive director of Walker Methodist Place

Written by Lia Hamilton, executive director of Walker Methodist Place

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