The Cost of Senior Living: 4 FAQs

Isn’t it funny how the one thing most people are the most curious about also happens to be the thing they spend the least time asking questions about? Whether it’s out of politeness, nervousness, discomfort, or anything in-between, rest assured your questions about the cost of senior living are welcome here.

At Walker Methodist, we know an elephant in the room when we see one. And, today we’re calling him out. Talking about money isn’t always the easiest conversation to have, but it is a necessary one. If you have questions about the cost of senior living, you’ve come to the right place.


1. How Much Does Senior Living Cost?

Cost of Senior LivingPart of the reason this question persists is because the cost of senior living is difficult to generalize. The short answer is: it depends, and the long answer is filled with many additional questions. Even if all of your questions aren’t answered within this blog, I’ll include some links to resources to help you prepare to discuss senior living costs.


2. Why Isn’t Pricing Listed?

Prices aren’t typically listed for senior living options because costs vary so widely depending on the individual.

3. What Makes Senior Living More or Less Affordable?

When it comes to how much senior living costs, it is typically based on the type of care, level of care, and amenities offered. The variables tend to have the most impact on the cost of senior living.

Type and Level of Care

Senior Living CostsSenior living can mean a whole list of things: assisted living, independent living, transitional care, rehabilitation, and nursing homes all differ expansively. In fact, senior living options are as diverse as the senior population! The level of care someone receives affects the cost structuring because of the staff and resources required to provide care.

Amenities Offered

The number of amenities offered, as well as the quality, also affect costs. For instance, things like food, structured activities, spiritual care, clubs, outings, and landscaping all affect senior living prices. And that’s just the beginning of this expansive list.

4. What are Some Additional Resources?  

In order to develop a clear picture of the costs associated with senior living, it’s important to narrow down just what you or your loved one wants and needs. To help make this process a smooth one, we’ve put together a financial planning guide, a senior living community checklist, and more resources you can download for free. You can also click here for a helpful guide to financing senior care.  


Still Have Questions about the Cost of Senior Living?

Asking questions and having in-depth conversations is the best place to start when you’re interested in learning about the costs associated with senior living. For some, it may be an uncomfortable conversation, but it's necessary. If you have additional questions, please reach out to one of our senior care advisors.

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