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Spotlight on Services: Respite Care

Respite care typically refers to a short-term stay at a senior community, usually in assisted living, care suites, or memory care settings. Respite care is a great option for a senior who needs some day-to-day supportive services, but still desires social stimulation, engagement, and activities. We offer respite care at Walker Methodist, and want to ensure individuals know about this service, should the time come when they seek this care option.

What is Respite Care? 

Respite care is a temporary care solution for older adults. Respite is often used when:

  • The family caregiver is in need of a break or is unavailable due to travel, or their own illness or injury.
  • An individual and family would like a ‘trial run’ of living at a senior living community.
  • Individuals are assessing options for transition. 

Due to the high stress associated with caring for an individual with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, respite is often sought out for people desiring memory care. We understand the scope of caring for individuals within this realm and encourage families to consider all options regarding their loved ones. Respite care is a great option as long-term solutions are considered.

The services and amenities available in our assisted living communities are also available to our respite residents. This enables the individual and families to deeply appreciate life at Walker Methodist; we welcome respite residents just as we do any senior that transitions to our communities.

Respite Care Can Lead to The Best Choice for Assisted Living

Sometimes, the right choice isn’t always the easiest. Choosing between assisted living and care at home is the inevitable decision many families are faced with each year. There are a number of things to consider when preparing your loved one for a transition to assisted living, and respite care can help facilitate your decision. It’s easy to understand that many seniors would rather live at home where it’s comfortable, private, and familiar. However, we can say the same for our communities at Walker Methodist; we offer comfort, privacy, and familiarity, too. Our care and commitment for all residents is unrivaled.

When considering assisted living perhaps one of the most important steps is doing your research. Respite care can be a big part of that. As the primary caretaker for your loved one, you know intimately and firsthand their needs, desires, and objections. You also know how much time, love, and attention goes into maintaining their care. You can rest assured knowing we will match and exceed your expectations. We’re blessed to have the best, most compassionate, and multi-skilled teams at all of our communities.

Respite Care at Walker Methodist 

At our assisted living communities, respite care stays are usually less than a month long. Respite care is also available within our memory care communities, too. Some of the services and amenities usually include:

  • Three nutritious meals daily, as prepared by our culinary teams
  • Medication management
  • 24-hour supervision and security
  • Assistance with daily tasks and personal care needs such as bathing, dressing, eating, and grooming
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping
  • Fitness access
  • Activities and outings
  • Transportation

At Walker Methodist, we carefully consider the needs of each of our residents, tailoring their care plans to match what they need, what they want, and what their loved ones are advocating for. One of the biggest impacts on a senior’s life is socialization. Seniors are prone to loneliness because their health conditions and physical limitations isolate them. Assisted living facilities create a sense of belonging. A respite care stay will highlight this. It will also give you a glimpse into life after your loved one transitions. Your role will shift from sole caretaker and provider back to family member and loved one. Your responsibilities will be lifted, and hopefully your peace of mind will also be fully restored. At Walker Methodist, we advocate for this because we know how great the responsibility is to the people we love. Let us help you.

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Shelli Bakken

Written by Shelli Bakken

Shelli is the Director of Support Services at Walker Methodist.

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