September is Healthy Aging Month!

What do a busy mother, a couch potato, a toddler, and your next door neighbor all have in common? They, and everyone else for that matter, age at some rate. While people move through life at different paces, we all age just one day at a time.

So, if everyone ages at the same pace, why do some people seem to have a leg up on the process? The difference has to do with the small, daily choices people make. There’s no quick fix to healthy aging! But, there are steps you can take and choices you can make in order to age more healthily. Since September is Healthy Aging Month, we thought what better time than now to talk about aging.


What is Healthy Aging Month?

Healthy Aging MonthEach September, national attention is given to healthy aging and the positive aspects of growing older. While Walker Methodist likes to promote both all year long, it’s a nice reminder to keep it as a priority. Healthy Aging Month promotes every individual’s personal responsibility for their physical, social, mental, and financial health. It’s true, those are all areas we need to focus on, but how do we do it?


What Does It Mean to Age Healthily?

Healthy aging is more than just getting older. It’s about taking the time to invest in yourself. If you want to maintain good health through the years (and who doesn’t?) try some of the following activities...

Eat Healthy and Get Your Exercise

We are all aware of the health benefits of leading a balanced, active lifestyle, but actually putting that knowledge into action is a little less universal.  Be sure to choose nutritious, minimally processed foods and fit some form of physical activity into your daily routine. It can be as simple as adding more vegetables to your diet and taking a casual walk. Find an activity you enjoy or a healthy new recipe to try and you're well on your way! 

Interact and Socialize with Others

Humans are social creatures who need to interact and socialize as a part of healthy aging. Everyone has different levels of how sociable they like to be, but whether it’s playing a game of cards, joining a book club, or attending a social hour, having a social hobby is proven to be beneficial to your health.  Check out the great programs available at Walker Methodist communities

Take Time for Yourself

It’s equally important to do something that’s just for you and your mental health. It could be educational, like trivia and Sudoku; therapeutic, like reflecting and journaling; or mood-boosting, like laughing and singing. Everyone is different, and it's easy to forget the importance of self-care. Once you feel the benefits however, you'll want to make a personal practice part of your daily routine. 

Assess Your Finances

Taking stock of your finances or creating a budget is a great way to stay on track financially and make informed decisions about your financial health. Financial stressors can play a large part in your overall quality of life. By prioritizing financial responsibility, those stressors automatically diminish, increasing your mood and your physical health. 


Healthy Aging Opportunities at Walker Methodist

We are committed to providing countless life enrichment opportunities within our communities. So, during Healthy Aging Month, and all year long, Walker Methodist offers activities to fit countless preferences and lifestyles.

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Aaron Aslakson

Written by Aaron Aslakson

MA, CSCS, ACSM EP-C, NSCA-CPT | Exercise is Medicine® Credential Level II | Walker Methodist Director of Wellness Centers

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