Senior Living Amenities to Look for & Consider

Many senior living communities offer their residents various amenities, some more than others. As a heavily weighed piece of choosing a community, we know there’s a lot to consider – so what should you look for or keep in mind?

The short answer to that question is: whatever is most important to you and your loved ones. Make a list of which amenities and styles of livings are ‘must haves’, and which senior living amenities are preferences or ‘wants’. For example, if you know a strong internet connection is needed to keep in touch with others, or access to a beauty salon is something that will keep you or your loved one comfortable, make sure those amenities are offered at the communities you consider. 

As with any aspect of senior living, be sure to conduct your due diligence and compare options. Focus not only on cost, but on quality, location, and experience. Where and how are different senior living amenities offered, and by whom? Are they limited by time of day or frequency of use? Be sure to inquire about the amenities you’ve identified as your ‘must haves’ during your tour at a senior living community, and don’t be afraid to ask other residents for their feedback when you visit. 

When you click the button below, you'll find a collection of many different senior living amenities that can be offered at communities. Not all of these amenities are going to be offered at all communities you visit, so make sure to weigh your options. As always - if you have questions, ask!


Our mission at Walker Methodist is Life. And all the living that goes with it. Enhancing the lives of older adults through a culture of care, respect and service. This mission is accompanied by our values: Respect. Imagination. Collaboration. A big part of supporting our mission and values is offering our residents a variety of amenities to make their days comfortable, enjoyable, and full of life. To learn more about our communities or the programs and amenities we offer, click here and explore your options.

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Shelli Bakken

Written by Shelli Bakken

Shelli is the Director of Support Services at Walker Methodist.

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