Life Enrichment: Engaging Mind, Body, and Spirit

Each of our Walker Methodist communities features specialized and unique programming and activities to support our residents' quality of life and their individual interests. This includes engaging the mind, body, and spirit to enhance the overall quality of life. Here are some of the life enrichment programs our residents favor the most! 

Community Outings 

Caption: Walker Methodist ResidentsOur Residents are home at Walker Methodist, and this extends beyond the walls of our communities. The neighborhoods, towns, and cities that surround our vibrant communities offer just as much to residents as the life enrichment programs do. It’s important for residents to have access to the neighborhood not only for needs and amenities but to feel a true sense of belonging. Our community outings support community through:

  • Meals at Establishments • Grand Openings • Parades • School Events • Park Trips • Nature Appreciation



We have a variety of fitness and wellness programs focused on vitality, endurance, flexibility, and circulation. Our Director of Fitness Centers, Aaron Aslakson, has dedicated his career to meeting the varying needs of our residents and has seen the positive impact movement-based activity has on people every day. Walker Methodist’s programming and memberships support both Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit, national wellness plans tailored specifically for seniors. Walker Methodist supports movement by offering: 

  • Better Balance Class • Tai Chi • Chair Yoga • Stretching • Balloon Volleyball • Strength Training 



Reading is a popular hobby and pastime for many of our Residents, especially during those cold winter months! It helps pass the time indoors while keeping minds sharp. Aside from the solitary enjoyment reading offers, making it a group topic or activity stimulates the mind in different ways. Book clubs and audio clubs offer social engagement and encourage diversity and expanded conversations. Life enrichment offerings surrounding literature includes: 

  • Library trips • Bible Study • Audio Book Club • Elementary School Reading Tutors • Historical Studies • Movies Based on Books


One of the best attributes about Walker Methodist is the ability to meet the varying needs of all Residents, across all communities. Our interdisciplinary approach to care includes programs that appeal to residents in different ways. We encourage togetherness, collaboration, and socialization while respecting individual preferences and needs. Some examples of fellowship and togetherness can be seen in:

  • Coffee & Cookies • Celebrating Resident Birthdays • Discussion Groups • Movie Nights • Encouragement/Support Groups • Happy Hour



Caption: Walker Methodist Residents

A little competition never hurt anyone! The art of playing games encourages socialization while also supporting brainpower – a definite win. Many of our Residents are gaming enthusiasts and reminisce about the days they belonged to social card groups or were avid Bingo players. We bring the nostalgia back with our versions of community games like: 

  • Bridge • Bingo • Wii Bowling • Pinochle • Puzzles • Crosswords • Scrabble



Life enrichment can be summed up with one word: entertainment. Our Mission is Life. And All the Living That Goes With It. Enhancing the Lives of Older Adults Through a Culture of Care, Respect, and Service. So our life enrichment programs are at our very core of how we serve residents. Entertainment is about the little joys and big celebrations and everything in between. Here’s how we promote entertainment at Walker Methodist:

  • Music and Concerts • Holiday Celebrations • Dancing • Movies • Special Guests • Family Involvement • Performances 


Life enrichment is the icing on the cake of life at Walker Methodist, and we firmly believe this aspect of our communities makes us special. Our model of care coupled with the compassion we have for the members of our communities is shown by the participation, smiles, and enjoyment for these life enrichment programs. 


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Shelli Bakken

Written by Shelli Bakken

Shelli is the Director of Support Services at Walker Methodist.

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