Open letter regarding the coronavirus and staying healthy

Dear friends of Walker Methodist,

This is the time of year when illnesses like the common cold and flu hit, and the recent news coverage about the coronavirus has amplified our need to be vigilant about the importance of having a plan to protect all those we serve.

We are monitoring informational resources from organizations like the Center for Disease Control, Minnesota Department of Health, Metro Coalition, and LeadingAge. Please be assured that the Walker Methodist leadership team is meeting regularly to continue adjusting our plans in accordance with any new developments and recommendations.

What can we all do?

  1. Wash. Use proper sanitation measures, including frequent hand washing, wiping down workstations and common areas. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth—perhaps a fist bump versus a hand shake.
  2. Watch. Be mindful of your own health. If you are experiencing a combination of fever, persistent cough, and shortness of breath, please stay at home.
  3. Wait. If you are experiencing sickness (coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.), we ask that you help ensure the safety of our residents by avoiding visiting until you have been fever free for at least 24 hours and your symptoms have cleared. You play a vital role in helping to keep viruses from spreading into our communities.

We are in communication with employees, vendors, and contractors, and are reminding them of the important role they each play in stopping the spread of germs by washing hands often and staying home from work when sick.

Thank you for your diligence and attention to ensuring that residents remain healthy and safe. We encourage you to stay aware of any updates about the coronavirus by visiting

Scott Riddle, President and CEO

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Scott Riddle

Written by Scott Riddle

As CEO and President, Scott leads the development of organizational strategies, as well as oversees the creation and implementation of the organization’s mission, vision and direction.

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