A new van at the Health Center means less stress for residents

The Walker Methodist Foundation and Auxiliary donated a 2019 Dodge Caravan to the Health Center. The van transports residents to appointments and passed a Special Transportation Services (STS) inspection by the State of Minnesota. Health Center administrator Merilee Johnson said, "The van gets our residents where they need to go with a greater level of accuracy, consistency, and customer service. Residents will feel safe knowing they'll be transported by Glen Davis, our in-house van driver."

The van provides an affordable, reliable, and personal transportation option to residents. Using the van saves residents money, and they get a bill instead of paying cash. While some residents have waited nearly two hours for a return ride with other transportation services, the bus’s wait time is no more than 20 minutes after a call. Plus, Glen is a friendly, familiar face. He interacts with residents, lowering stress around appointments. “They enjoy the ride. It’s more personal, and they feel comfortable,” said Glen. “Most residents who ride the bus would prefer the van. It’s going to make life a lot easier for the residents.”


Besides a driver, the van fits two wheelchairs and two other passengers, allowing escorts or caregivers to go with patients to appointments. More practical than a bus, the van can fit in more places and parking spots. Low clearances used to hinder Glen, but now he can park the van in a single parking space. Plus, it gets better gas mileage than a bus.

Merilee said, "We're so grateful for the Foundation and Auxiliary for this impactful donation."

The Walker Methodist Foundation ensures high-quality services and programs are provided to our residents and patients. The Auxiliary provides volunteer services and financial support to meet the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of the residents who live at our Health Center.

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Amy Weiss

Written by Amy Weiss

Walker Methodist storyteller and marketing assistant

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