Minnesota Antibiotic Stewardship Honor Roll Award


The Walker Methodist Health Center received an Antibiotic Stewardship Honor Roll Award from the Minnesota Department of Health.

Antibiotic stewardships analyze the use and effectiveness of antibiotics with older adults. These studies help healthcare providers understand and eventually prevent the mismanagement and misuse of antibiotics. All healthcare providers are held accountable by the Department of Health Services to have antibiotics programs in place.

Walker Methodist Health Center received the Minnesota Antibiotic Stewardship Honor Roll Award for its stewardship study. The study focused on the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) process to learn about decreasing unnecessary antibiotics administration. Janet Gonnella, registered nurse education specialist and antibiotic stewardship leader, said the study earned the Gold Award by "excelling at antibiotic stewardship, creating a plan and policies, and involving outside entities."

As part of the stewardship, Walker Methodist formed an Antibiotic Stewardship Team to work with other groups, such as the University of Minnesota and StratisHealth. "The findings were shared with other providers, including the Metro Alliance of Geriatric Providers," said Merilee Johnson, Walker Methodist Health Center administrator. "This opens the door for further discussion."

In December, the Health Center will be the first long-term care provider to host the One Health Antibiotic Stewardship Professional Exchange. The conference brings together professionals from human, animal, and environmental health for learning and discussion.

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Amy Weiss

Written by Amy Weiss

Walker Methodist storyteller and marketing assistant

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