Did You Know? Senior Fitness Center Opportunities at Walker Methodist

I'm Aaron, Director of Fitness Centers here at Walker Methodist. In my role, I assist individuals of all fitness levels to live more independent lives, maintain strength and mobility, and achieve their fitness goals. Today I'm going to share details about the fitness center communities we have and discuss what Senior fitness opportunities are available to our Residents and the surrounding community.

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Who Needs Senior Fitness?

Senior Fitness Center Opportunities at Walker MethodistWell, everyone does. Our bodies are designed to move, whether it's by stretching, lifting, balancing, or dancing. When we don't move our bodies, we lose strength, bone density, mobility, and much more. This is especially true for Seniors, due to the role of the aging process in changing what our bodies are capable of. 

Senior Fitness Opportunities at Walker Methodist

We have four communities with full fitness centers, and when Levande in Cambridge opens in 2017, we'll have a fifth! Each center is open to Waker Methodist Residents and the surrounding community members aged 50 or over. We offer entire fitness center communities with the following amenities. 

Specialized Fitness Equipment for Seniors

Each of our fitness center communities features HUR Fitness Equipment, which is specifically designed for older adults. This equipment uses air resistance instead of a traditional weight stack and can be adjusted for individuals with limited range of motion. It can increase or decrease weight in 1/4 pound increments, and each piece of equipment is built for easy accessibility.

All of these features make HUR Fitness Equipment ideal for those looking to build and maintain strength while lowering risk of injury. 

Digital Record Keeping

An important step to achieving fitness and wellness goals is tracking your progress. Instead of using pen and paper, we keep digital records of each individual's goals, workouts, and progress. This way, participants just need to show up, do their workout, and download their results onto the kiosk.  

Personal Training for Seniors

Personal training is a great opportunity for those interested in working one-on-one with a trainer in order to meet their goals. You'll receive an individualized plan, designed for your physical capabilities.

Our trainers understand your body might not be the same every single day. There might be an ache or a pain that moves to different areas of your body, or there might be times when an ailment or condition impacts your capabilities. Our trainers will make adjustments based on those needs

Group Exercise for Seniors

Group exercise classes are available in each senior fitness center, and they are a popular option for those who enjoy a more social fitness environment. With classes like yoga, balance, tai chi, and strength training occurring every week at the same time, many of our Residents get to know each other through attending group exercise classes. This means participants can build friendships, strength, and mobility all at the same time.

If you have questions about Walker Methodist Fitness Centers and would like to talk with me about them, please call or email. Aaron Aslakson, 612-827-8419, aaslakson@walkermethodist.org

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Aaron Aslakson

Written by Aaron Aslakson

MA, CSCS, ACSM EP-C, NSCA-CPT | Exercise is Medicine® Credential Level II | Walker Methodist Director of Wellness Centers

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