Did You Know? 8 Facts about Transportation Options at Walker Methodist

Did you know Walker Methodist has a variety of transportation options available to its Patients and Residents? Getting where you need to go is important at any stage of life, and we’ve set up a comprehensive system for getting from Point A to Point B. In order to highlight what we have to offer, I’ve compiled eight facts about our transportation options - here they are!


Senior Living Transportation Facts

At Walker Methodist, we understand how important accessibility is when considering a move to a senior living community. Patients & Residents need transportation to access appointments, attend social outings, run errands, and many other activities.


Walker Methodist1. At Least One Weekly Outing at Each Community

Although many host more, all of Walker Methodist’s communities, including our Health Center and Transitional Care have at least one transported weekly outing. Guarantee your spot by signing up in advance through your community’s Life Enrichment program.


2. Our Drivers Offer Great Customer Service

As a result of our regular outings, our Patients & Residents build trust and relationships with our drivers. Our drivers offer personalized services, such as carrying packages or waiting a little extra on someone who might be running late. In fact, our Patients & Residents often get to know the drivers by name and are thankful for their quality of service.


3. Each Community Has its Own Bus

Some level of senior living transportation occurs at our communities each and every day. As a result, each of Walker Methodist’s communities has its own bus to accommodate the busy lifestyles of its Patients & Residents.  


4. Plan Doctor Appointments around the Bus Schedule

Each community has a set schedule for busing to and from doctor’s and other appointments, making scheduling simpler and stress-free. 


5. On-Site Garages Securely Store Resident Vehicles

Senior living doesn’t equal an inability to drive. A number of our Patients & Residents have personal vehicles, and most of our communities offer garages to keep them safe and protected from the elements.


6. We’ll Help You Arrange an Alternative

As much as we’re dedicated to providing access to transportation, there’s still those moments where schedules just won’t match up. For those times, we provide local bus routes on all our community websites, along with helping Residents & Patients arrange pick up from local transportation companies. Sometimes a van or taxi is the best way to get where you need to be and we'll help you get there.


7. Senior Living Transportation for Memory Care Outings 

We structure our outings in ways that are stress free and as enjoyable as possible for our Memory Care Residents & Patients. These outings involve a higher staff-to-Resident ratio to encourage a positive experience for everyone involved.


8. There’s Space for Family or A Trusted Companion

Whether you’re new to the community or just haven’t quite gotten the hang of our senior living transportation offerings, we’re happy to accommodate a family member or trusted companion joining to go to an appointment or run errands.


Senior Living Transportation is a Priority at Walker Methodist

Walker Methodist makes a commitment to ensuring all Residents & Patients have access to senior living transportation. Yes, that also means committing the time, resources, and staff to keep transportation safe, structured, and timely.

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Shelli Bakken

Written by Shelli Bakken

Shelli is the Director of Support Services at Walker Methodist.

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