Chefs and donors partner to care for team members

Thanks to generous gifts from donors, team members at Walker Methodist Health Center and core corporate team members will receive free meals until the end of April. On average, about 150 team members are fed daily.

“I was so touched by the generosity of donors like John and Kim Burmeister, who donated $9,000 to feed our team at the Health Center,” said Esther Hagen, director of culinary services.

Many team members are working double shifts, and some have lost their second jobs. Others have kids at home. To continue to serve residents, they need nourishing meals. Breakfasts include cereal, milk, juice, and fruit. Team members working night shifts or overnight get a packaged lunch, and other meals include vegetables, lasagna, and breadsticks.

“During these unprecedented times, our team members are focusing on the foundation of healthcare: putting residents first in all we do,” said Merilee Johnson, Health Center administrator. “Our wonderful team is making sacrifices to care for residents, and we want to make sure they are being cared for as well.”

The act of generosity is feeding them physically and also filling them emotionally, knowing that someone cares enough to ensure they have a proper meal.

“These gifts made me cry. People understand the difficulty we’re facing, and they did something to make a difference,” Esther said. “Having food to eat and someone caring for them in that way eases their burdens.”

These donations kick-started our Well Wishes for Walker Methodist campaign, where donations are helping team members facing unexpected financial crises related to COVID-19. To send an encouraging note or make a financial gift to help our team members, please go to We believe together we are stronger.

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Amy Weiss

Written by Amy Weiss

Walker Methodist storyteller and marketing assistant

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