A patient's perspective: What a Registered Nurse of 45 years says about being a patient at Walker Methodist Westwood Ridge


Thoughtful staff and considerate care made a difference for Marsha

Marsha, an RN of 45 years, came to Walker Methodist Westwood Ridge in West St. Paul to receive care for health conditions, including sepsis and arthritis. Through therapy she was able to relearn how to walk again. "I came in terrified of falling again after being bedbound for the last three months," said Marsha.

Marsha's nurses—Julie, Bao, Annie, and Kelly—made her stay comfortable and enjoyable. "I understood the term 'vulnerable adult' in a personal way. The first day was hard," said Marsha. "But, the nurses were there with their knowledge and bright smiles to guide me." Even when halls were busy, Marsha said her nurses were focused, calmed her fears, and diffused stressful situations. Bao worked efficiently with a challenging pharmacy system to get Marsha's medication as soon as possible. Annie won Marsha over with her trustworthiness, patience, and humor. Julie and Kelly listened thoughtfully, and Marsha considered them great examples to other nurses.

During her time as a patient, Marsha watched aides Nancy, Michelle, and Daisy give the same personalized care to others at Westwood Ridge. They even went out of their way to care for patients they weren't assigned to and refilled supplies as needed. When Marsha was nervous about an upcoming care conference, Nancy took the time to offer her a warm shower. "That shower was stronger than medicine for meeting my needs," remembered Marsha. "They knew when to give comfort...and they even got me to laugh in a dark time."

Marsha was eager to be active again, but another fall terrified her. Thanks to the creative, caring rehab staff, Marsha trusted the process and enjoyed forming bonds. Her rehab classes were often the highlight of her day. Marsha noticed staff treated patients like real people. They dealt with difficult patients or family members with kindness and professionalism. After her time at Westwood Ridge, Marsha said, "Their gentle encouragement amazed me. In my 45 years of nursing, I've never seen any program with the standard you have here."

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Amy Weiss

Written by Amy Weiss

Walker Methodist storyteller and marketing assistant

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