6 Reasons to Prefer Senior Living Communities over Living Alone

Senior living communities offer a unique living opportunity for older adults. After retirement, adults may face changing health needs and decreased opportunities for social involvement. Oftentimes as the need for assistance, care, transportation, and accessibility increases, it can be difficult to alter the home environment to meet those needs.


Senior Living Communities with Senior Services

Living at home and living in a senior living community are different in many ways. Within a senior living community, Residents have immediate access to services and amenities that go beyond meeting their most basic needs. Communities are structured to provide whatever senior services Residents may need. 


#1 Safe, Accessible Living Environment

Senior living communitiesSenior living communities are structured for accessibility. Remodeling a home with shower railings and wheelchair access can make costs add up quickly. Senior communities have these, and many more, features built right into the architecture.


#2 Countless Social Activities

Building community through friendships is important at any stage of life, and in senior living communities, it’s much easier to access the activites to make this happen. Healthy communities promote this at all levels, whether it’s shopping outings, game nights, going on a bus trip, movie nights, or potlucks.  


#3 Safe, Reliable Transportation

Getting from Point A to Point B, whether it’s for medical appointments or social engagements, becomes much simpler within a structured, community environment.


#4 Landscaped Outdoor Spaces

For older adults, taking a simple walk through the backyard or along the city sidewalk can pose unforeseen obstacles or risks. Avoiding falls and injuries is important for everyone, especially within the senior community. Outdoor spaces designed for accessibility and ease of movement are a great asset.  


#5 Tailored Nutrition

Seniors' nutrition can quickly become inadequate if left unsupervised. Oftentimes, cooking for one can appear too burdensome, and seniors need a variety of nutrients and minerals to maintain good health. At senior living communities, Residents receive a substantial, varied meal plan structured around the nutritional needs of older adults.


#6 Accessible Care or Assistance

While receiving care isn’t a necessity for all Residents, in the event care is needed, it’s always there. Senior services are available 24 hours a day in communities with a continuum of care.


Senior Services within Communities

Oftentimes, Residents experience more rewards of independence while living in a senior living community. Because anything that might be needed is already available, there is less stress and anxiety put into planning and ensuring needs are met.

A senior living community is more than a building. It’s a sophisticated network of services, amenities, friendships, and caring staff focused on ensuring your needs are met. At Walker Methodist, we’ve created communities and services that enhance your life.

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Jaci Jezierski

Written by Jaci Jezierski

Jaclyn joined the Walker Methodist family in 2011 as the Resident Assistant at Walker Plaza. She then became the Administrator Intern with Walker Methodist Health Center in May of 2014 and after her internship was completed, was hired on as the Associate Administrator in May of 2015. She holds a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Health Care Administration from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. In April 2015, Jaclyn received the Internal Leadership Project Award from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire for her Call Light Response Time project that she implemented during her internship with us.

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