5 Ways to Show Love to The Cancer Survivor in Your Life


This past Sunday, June 2nd was National Cancer Survivors Day, serving as a celebration for everyone who has battled the disease. If you have a cancer survivor in your life, you may wonder how you can best help celebrate this month. Just being a great friend is a gift in itself, but there are a few great ideas for showing the cancer survivor in your life how much you care about them.

Pick an Adventure

Your loved one likely wants to do something fun and adventurous. It could be anything from ziplining to fishing to spending the day at a waterpark. Plan the adventure and surprise your loved one with a day out spend adventuring and smiling. If you prefer, you can draw up a coupon that reads, “Good for one day of adventure” and wrap it up as a gift. Let your loved one fill in the adventure and prepare to go along for the ride!

Spend Time with Them

You don’t have to schedule an adventure to show your support. In fact, just spending time with your loved one is a great way to show you care. Both survivors and those going through cancer report that people seem to have a difficult time knowing what to say. Show how much you care and let them set the tone for the day. If they’re in the mood to celebrate, join in, but accept that some survivors may simply want to quietly reflect. Knowing what to say isn't always the goal, just remember that your time means the most to those who love you. 

Participate in Runs

On cancer awareness days, events are held to commemorate the occasion. Often these events are in the form of walks and runs, where survivors and cancer supporters participate in a show of solidarity. Search for a National Cancer Survivors Day run near you and sign up. Invite your loved one to join you and share photos online from the event and encourage your followers to donate to the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation.

Donate to Cancer Research

Often the biggest dream a cancer survivor has is that there will someday be a cure. A sizable donation to the American Cancer Society is likely one of the best gifts you could ever give to that person. You can donate to the American Cancer Society in the name of your loved one in the Memorial and Honor Giving page. You can also create a mosaic that honors a survivor’s journey, then share it to generate even more donations.

Donate to Locks of Love

Hair loss is often an unavoidable part of battling cancer, thanks to the side effects of chemotherapy. Locks of Love accepts both hair and financial donations to help out those going through it. You can get the information on donating at the Locks of Love website, but any hairstylist can cut hair for your donation.

As more people successfully battle cancer, it seems everyone knows at least one cancer survivor. National Cancer Survivors Day is the perfect opportunity to take time to celebrate that accomplishment, especially if you celebrate in a way that helps those who are still battling the disease.

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