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5 Cleaning Safety Tips for Spring

Summer is fast approaching, and with the sunshine and rising temps comes spring-cleaning. Maintaining our independence is important to many of us. For some, continuing to take care of our home and living spaces is one of those things we enjoy doing as a sign of our independence.

Maintaining independence can increase self-confidence and improve quality of life, but our safety should still remain a top priority. Here are a few cleaning safety tips that will keep you safe, while maintaining your independence.

1. Downsize

cleaning_safetyGather friends and/or family members and downsize. By getting rid of some clutter or items not used anymore, you’ll have less to clean and keep tidy. When you simplify your life and living space, you can make your home a safe place to live. Have a garage sale, let your family pick out a few things they like, or donate items to charity. It’s OK to keep those items that are important to you, but try to get rid of the extra items that require too much time or space to care for.

When you are getting rid of excess items, consider tossing out throw rugs and other tripping hazards too. Clean up extension and lamp cords and keep them up and away from the floor.

2. Store Cleaning Items Lower

Keep cleaning items at an easy-to-reach level so you do not have to climb ladders, bend over to the ground, or reach a high shelf. Consider having shelves installed in the laundry room to avoid bending over to lift heavier bottles. When you can safely access the items you need, you’ll feel better about using them.

3. Consider Hiring Help

Some jobs around the house and yard may just be too physically taxing to handle on your own. Assign jobs like cleaning gutters, washing outside windows, and any other job that requires a great deal of balance or strength to someone else. Consider asking a family member to help or hiring a neighbor to assist you with difficult chores.

4. Keep Ovens Cleaned

Fire safety is especially important for older adults. To reduce risk of accidental fires, make sure your oven and stovetop is clean and grease free. A simple way to ensure that your stove is always clean is to wipe it down every night before bed and schedule a regular cleaning of your oven. You can even hire a professional cleaner to tackle your oven and other hard to reach areas.

5. Wear Protective Gear

One of the most important safety tips you can follow is to don protective gear when you are cleaning. Taking proper safety precautions with cleaning solutions in your cleaning environment will help you stay safe and healthy. Use a wide-brimmed hat and lightweight, long sleeved shirts to avoid sunburn while in the garden. If you are using chemicals to clean your home, wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with your skin.

Keeping your home tidy will simplify your life and help you feel good, allowing you to more leisurely enjoy your time and activities with family and friends. You can keep yourself safe by following a few simple tips. Preventing slips, falls, and the need to lift heavy objects will help keep you safe in your own home. When in doubt, call on a family member or friend to help tackle any potentially dangerous jobs. Happy Spring!

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Elizabeth Meyer

Written by Elizabeth Meyer

I am an accomplished professional with experience in the senior, hospitality, sales, and marketing industries. My success has included individual and multi-property operations, sales, and marketing and includes brand management. My career has included increasing levels of responsibility currently as the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Walker Methodist. In this role my responsibilities include the growth and implementation of Walker's sales and marketing strategies. Support and facilitate development and implementation of Walker's marketing plan, working with Senior Leadership and community Directors. Develop sales and marketing strategies based on the market place and the community and property needs. Plan and administer Marketing's operating budget.

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