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Walker Methodist Video: How Has Life Changed in the Last 10 Years?

First, I’m asking you: How has life changed in the last 10 years? Take a moment to subtract 10 years from your current age (or from the current year) and think about where you are, what your daily routine is like, and anything else that comes to mind.

We asked four Walker Methodist Residents a single question: How has life changed in the last 10 years? Each and every answer is entirely different from the one before. Here’s your opportunity to hear straight from Walker Methodist Residents themselves:

Change is a Constant

Isn’t it funny how a single question can get so many different responses? Although everyone’s answer was different, there was one constant: change. Whether their response was thoughtful, humorous, or anything in-between, it’s clear these Walker Methodist Residents lead different lives than they did 10 years ago.

VIDEO – Walker Methodist Residents: How Has Life Changed in the Last 10 Years?Changing Perspective

“I used to be a volunteer pushing other people’s wheelchairs around, and now somebody has to push mine.”

Changing Location

“Moving to a community like this [Walker Methodist]. For the first time, not being in our home, and that was an adjustment we managed better than I thought we would.”

Changing Habits

“Even with the yoga and the tai chi, everything gets creakier as you age.”

Walker Methodist Supports Change

Perhaps the most powerful result of looking back on the past 10 years is realizing you had time you didn’t know you’d get. As the last Resident featured in the video said, “It’s been an enjoyable 10 years that I’m surprised I even had, and I’m making the most of it.”

Some of the ways Walker Methodist Residents make time to cherish past memories and make the most of years to come is through recording thoughts and experiences in a memory journal and participating in community events and activities.

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