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Minnesota: Will you Give to the Max for Older Adults?

On November 16, Give to the Max Day will take place across Minnesota. On this day, more than 6,000 non-profit organizations will raise over $20 million to meet the needs of their customers. From affordable housing to food shelves, and educational institutions to art organizations, Give to the Max Day is a day to celebrate all of the impactful, life-changing programs and services that are delivered to those in need. Together, we raise our voices to celebrate the causes most near and dear to all of us. Keep our communities strong and vibrant by selecting a non-profit you believe in, and support their mission by contributing.

Thriving and Succeeding with a Non-Profit

Give to the Max with Walker Methodist in 2017

All non-profit organizations, including Walker Methodist, promote the health and well-being of society. They provide programs, products, and services to help meet needs in our communities that are unmet by either the government or the for-profit sector. In addition to supporting specific programs and initiatives, non-profit organizations are essential for weaving the social, cultural, environmental, and economic fabric of our society. In order to achieve these important and ambitious goals, raising funds and utilizing the many talents of individuals are critical. Non-profit organizations employ many individuals to meet these needs and in the State of Minnesota, non-profits currently employ one of out every nine employees! These employees not only helps organizations to fulfill their missions, they also represent a strong economic driver in our state and country.  


The Importance of our Mission & the Aging Population

At Walker Methodist, our many employees and volunteers work every single day to fulfill our mission of enhancing the lives of older adults through a culture of care, respect, and service. We believe that older adults deserve a life full of enriching experiences in a comfortable and safe setting. We believe that just because you are “older,” confined to a wheelchair, or face other disabilities, it does not mean you should not be able to live a rich and fulfilling life. Our goal is to provide meaningful programs that enrich the lives of older adults – and the lives of the baby boomers who soon might need our care. With individuals living longer and the looming growth of an older population, we want to position ourselves for today and tomorrow’s needs.  

Watch our mission come to life!



As a society, we believe in investing in our youth to provide a strong foundation for our future, and we believe in the importance of families to keep communities vibrant and strong. Why wouldn’t we believe in the value of delivering a high quality of life and loving care for our older adults? At Walker Methodist, we do.    

If you believe that everybody – regardless of age – deserves a life full of enriching experiences in a comfortable and safe setting, then you believe in Walker Methodist. On Give to the Max Day, we welcome you to join us to keep our mission alive by meeting our goal of raising $25,000.

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