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Integrative Care Options at Walker Methodist Health Center

There is more to health than medicine. To see this in action, come to the Health Center where integrative care options are available to all Patients and Residents and a true focus on healing the mind, body, & spirit is taking place. Walker Methodist Health Center is located in the heart of the East Harriet neighborhood in Minneapolis and fills a special niche by offering skilled nursing in two settings - transitional and long term. Whether you or a loved one is receiving transitional long-term care, integrative care options can benefit your holistic health during recovery or aid you in continuing to live life to the fullest.


Integrative Care by Definition 

Integrative care has a wide expanse, and covers several aspects of care, health, and medicine by integrating each of these aspects. In summation, it can be defined as health and healing. When something physical happens to a person – an illness, surgery, or diagnosis, there is an associated emotional response. That’s natural. However, there can be a strong correlation between disease and stress, where any physical factor can be made worse by the emotional response to pain, anxiety, and depression.

At Walker Methodist Health Center, our staff is trained to handle comprehensive care based on all Patient & Residents’ needs, and beginning in 2014 we took our commitment to health and healing even further by adding an integrative care approach to our Mission. Healing Touch was the first integrative care method adopted at the Health Center, and late in 2014 aromatherapy, Music & Memory,  and life boards were added. Most recently Tai Chi, pet therapy, and a prayer wall have been included with plans for even more. We’ve continued to evolve and are proud of the integrative care options offered at the Health Center. We know we’re making a difference in the lives of our Patients and Residents.


Benefits of Healing Touch

The Healing Touch portion of our Integrative Care Program is supported by volunteers who comprise our Healing Touch team. These volunteers have completed Level 2 Certification through Healing Touch International; they continue their training and meet their required hours at Walker Methodist Health Center as they advance certifications. This collaboration means Patients & Residents have the opportunity to benefit from Healing Touch therapy without additional costs or fees. Residents & Patients managing acute or chronic symptoms can receive weekly integrative care, both in transitional care or long-term care settings.

Benefits of Healing Touch include:


Integrative Care Open House at the Health Center September 21

When considering what integrative care can add to your life or a loved one’s, seeing is believing. Or, in our case, feeling, smelling, hearing, and being is all believing. Join me and other Health Center leaders at our Integrative Care Showcase on Wednesday, September 21 from 11 am - 2 pm. You can experience integrative care in action - receive a mini Healing Touch session, participate in aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, see personalized playlists for iPods, create life boards (as a way to connect Patients & Residents with staff; bridging the gap and fostering trust), as well as other integrative care options will be available for exploration and assessment. The Showcase is happening at the Health Center located at 3737 Bryant Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN  55409.


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