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Did You Know? Walker Methodist's Religious Affiliation

The second installment of our Did You Know series focuses on our spiritual connection, and why Walker Methodist is a faith-based organization. We often talk about the benefits our dynamic campuses offer seniors looking for varying levels of care and inclusion, and sometimes overlook or forget to mention our guiding spiritualism. It’s just as important to our team members and Residents – here’s why.


It’s About Connection

Our Mission is a about service and support: “Life. And all the living that goes with it. Enhancing the lives of older adults through a culture of care, respect, and service.” In addition to the exceptional medical and custodial care we offer Residents, our Mission is further supported by our spiritual grounding. From deepened relationships with staff, volunteers, and other Residents who share similar beliefs and values, people who call Walker Methodist home just feel that sense of belonging. Oftentimes, as adults age, their spiritual needs go unmet due to a variety of reasons inherent with aging. It’s our Residents who understand the benefits of sharing life with others who appreciate spirituality. They are why our foundation is so important to us.

Walker Methodist is home for over 1,000 people, and they are supported by such amenities as a community chapel at the Health Center, Bible studies, prayer groups, and religious holiday celebrations. Sometimes, even a simple scripture reading or a brief prayer can supplement a daily routine and have a profound impact. 


For Everyone - Regardless of Affiliation

Just because we’re affiliated with Methodism doesn’t mean that’s the only faith group or tradition we serve or celebrate. Again, our Mission is about respect. We respect every team member and Resident’s faith and religion, and support how they choose to worship, believe, and congregate. If your preference is non-religion, Walker Methodist fully supports that, too. That is what makes us so diverse and special. Our founders were Methodist, and it’s the important value of respect from that faith foundation that’s enabled Walker Methodist to provide a warm and inviting spiritual life throughout all our communities.

As the Director of Spiritual Life at Walker Methodist, I see firsthand how powerful connection is within our communities.


Benefits of Spiritual-Based Senior Living

Faith always includes a nurturing, social dimension. It’s so important for seniors to have inclusion and access to socialization. It’s good for physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health. As seniors age, the ability to stay connected to social and spiritual events becomes more difficult. The opportunity to gather each Sunday morning for a broadly Christian service including music, preaching, monthly Holy Communion, and monthly memorial services is vital. All major Christian holidays are celebrated with additional worship services as well. You or your loved one will have access to several events and activities they might otherwise miss out on, right at home.

Having faith is about being part of something larger and more powerful. This was likely true for you or your loved one’s home church or faith community. That connection and sense of belonging is hard to replicate anywhere else, regardless of your life stage. By choosing a senior living community where faith is supported and is the foundation of operations and care, your family member will have that necessary continuation of something familiar, something warm and comforting as they transition to their new home.


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