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Amenities to Look for When Moving a Loved One to TCU/Rehab

Moving a loved one to a transitional care unit (TCU) or rehabilitation program is never easy, but it’s often a necessary part of the recovery process after an accident or illness. You can give yourself and your family peace of mind by finding a TCU that will feel like home, provide your loved one with independence and dignity, and will enrich your loved one’s mind, body, and spirit while providing a safe and equipped environment in which to heal. If your loved one needs transitional care, here are some tips about transitional care amenities to look for.

Find a Place that Feels Like HomeAmenities to Look for When Moving a Loved One to TCU/Rehab

In order for healing to happen and forward progress to be made, a TCU or rehab must feel like home to your loved one and must be just as comfortable and welcoming to guests. For an older adult, the support of friends and family is integral, so it’s important to make sure visitors will feel at ease as well as the person who will be living there. Just because the stay will be temporary doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like home, and that includes:

Find a Place That Provides Everything Your Loved One Needs

Your loved one is special, and his or her circumstances are unique. The TCU or rehab program you choose must be able to accommodate your loved one’s needs. This includes providing assistance with the activities of daily living, including eating, bathing, and dressing, easy access to medical and health care services, medication management, special therapies, transportation, and wellness and exercise programs.

Look for Happy Residents

A great indicator of a good TCU or rehab program is that the residents are happy. This is an indication your loved one will get everything he or she needs, including good food, a clean environment, medical care, personal attention, and the comprehensive health care needed to heal. You can also speak with the families and visitors of residents to see what their personal experiences have been and whether they’d recommend the program.

Look for Engaged and Competent Staff

In order to heal quickly, your loved one needs a good support team, the right environment, and whatever medical and therapy services are relevant to his or her situation. This includes having medical and staff supervision around the clock on weekdays and weekends, staff that is trained, educated, and respectful, a caring team that’s concerned about the wellbeing of the residents, and a supportive staff that has the time to give each resident personal care and attention.

Knowing what kinds of transitional care amenities to look for at a TCU or rehab program can help you make the right decisions for your loved one. At Walker Methodist, we believe respect, dignity, and independence are just as important to healing as medical care and therapy.

Our goal is to get your loved one back home as quickly as possible, which is why we focus on community-style programs and a full range of care options. If you're considering moving a loved one into transitional care, contact Walker Methodist to request more information about our TCU and rehab programs.

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